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Give feedback on Jesper’s upcoming book!

Jesper BoegHi all,

My name is Jesper Boeg and I am reaching out to you because Mike Rother told me that you all have practical experience with Toyota Kata in an Agile setting.

I have worked with Kata in various settings during the last 6 years, starting with a single team and later including it as an element in larger coaching engagements. From 2016 to 2018 I got the chance to work with Toyota Kata on a larger and more ambitions scale when I became in charge of rolling it out to all teams and organizational levels at the 700 people Bank Cooperative "Bankdata" in Denmark.

To say that the successful application of Toyota Kata as an organizational wide initiative, in an Agile setting, has involved some trial and error would be a huge understatement :-).

I have however learned a lot from the last 6 years and the idea was to share that experience through a book to make it easier for others to get going. Essentially it is a book about a Starter Kata for Agile organization with lots of specific examples. We have included some elements from 4DX also, and though the result is not perfect it is many times better than where we started and well tested and validated.

What I have found is that people generally like the idea of applying Kata in an Agile setting and believe that an iterative approach to process improvement should fit well with the Agile mindset, but that there are few available examples beyond a few teams for shorter periods of time.

I have set aside a few month to write the book and just passed the 30.000 word-count. 

If any of you are interested in reviewing the first chapters and/or the final book I would much appreciate your feedback. I would also welcome any chance to speak with you on Skype if you are interested in discussing Toyota Kata in general or your specific experiences.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards and thanks in advance

Jesper Boeg